Wrist & Arm Pain Following IV Hydrogen Peroxide Infusion

April 20th, 2010

(±2004) I infused 500mL iv hydrogen peroxide (0.03% in D5W plus 500mg MgSO4 and 0.5mg MnCl) per day x 2 consecutive days on my father about 7-10 days ago. Since that time he has complained about ‘phantom’ pain at and proximal to the injection site. There was no evidence of infiltration at the time of the iv. The vein now appears to be more pronounced, slightly swollen and ‘harder’ than the same vein on the opposite hand. There is no obvious signs of phlebitis, other than the pain. He says that it feels like a dull ache. I have performed hundreds of these and never had a problem.
I would appreciate any feedback.
Thanks in advance.

I lost all my arm veins when I took over 60 IV peroxide therapies. I love oxidative therapies or I would not be on the board of the International Oxidative Medicine Association founded by Dr. Charles Farr MD PHD.

I have personally chosen to try to move all of my colleagues AWAY from PEROXIDE and into HIGH DOSE VITAMIN C therapy. I do not like complications. I am convinced that we probably would be better off if we will all learn how to USE ENOUGH ORAL AND IV Vitamin C CONCURRENTLY to get our patients well, no matter what their total body pathogen burden is, without relying too much on IV peroxide. The new well tolerated oral form of Vitamin C (Beyond C) provides proven higher blood levels of Vitamin C than we have ever been able to maintain prior to this. Use it along with the knowledge of just HOW MUCH IV VITAMIN C you really need for certain conditions. Please order the book on Vitamin C and Infections by Tom Levy and the tapes by Dr. Riordan to learn all this. Remember to keep the blood level of Vitamin C between IV’s if you expect to deal with serious infections. ONLY Beyond C allows virtually everyone to tolerate 15-40 GRAMS ORALLY EACH DAY without disabling cramps and diarrhea.

I do medical and legal consulting and have been involved in cases where the
doctor is being sued over IV peroxide and the task we have in defending H202 is difficult. The FDA wants its use stopped.

I personally prefer Ultraviolet blood irradiation and the concurrent use of ozone, which gives me all the benefits without losing my veins. I have given thousands of IV peroxide treatments and wound up adding DMSO to them routinely to try to minimize the adverse effect of blood vessels, which clearly lack catalase and thus cannot deal effectively with H202.

We health professionals doing INVASIVE alternative procedures need to
carefully review our informed consent procedures and realize that when we enter a vein with medication, there are MANY things that can and will go wrong.

I assure you the VEIN was irritated and the list of things from Physical Therapy, magnetic, electrical, topical DMSA and homeopathics that I have tried to handle these post H202 infusions is long and NOTHING worked always. But try enough things and the patient will get relief and it will finally go away.

Use this to imagine what if this was a nasty patient who happened that day to be insulted by one of your staff who was having a bad day. Then try to think what you want to have in your chart should the attorney for the patient calls.

Garry F. Gordon, MD,DO,MD(H)

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