Removal of Metals in the Mouth Before Chelation

April 20th, 2010

(2004) Dear Garry,

I recommended a friend of mine in the UK get started on chelation and connected him with an ACAM-certified MD in the London area. She (the MD) recommends that my friend have ALL the metals (fillings, bridges & crowns) removed before starting. It was my understanding that mercury amalgams should be removed….but not necessary to remove gold crowns and bridges.

I’d appreciate your feedback on this issue.


Dear Doctor:
It is entirely safe to chelate anyone no matter what metals they still have in the mouth. Viruses tie up Mercury in Autistic children and the correct treatment for this is far different than what most doctors are doing today. Topically applied chelators are extremely effective. I safely have chelated everyone, orally or parenterally, for over 35 years no matter what I find in the mouth.

I point out to my patients that it is useful, over time, to lower the amount of metals in the mouth, but I never make that the first step in treating patients. I am very concerned that this misinformation is causing great harm because millions of patients are being denied effective, safe, daily oral chelation due to this complete nonsense.

Dr. Boyd Haley has started this rumor based on his experience with cells in culture, which has nothing to do with the HUMAN BODY. I have challenged him repeatedly with the simple observation that his concept of INEVITABLE neuronal death if EDTA is used when there is ANY mercury in the body is patent nonsense. His studies clearly do not apply in the living body.

My position is fairly easy to defend. Where is the epidemic of neurodegenerative disease his position requires? We have chelated now between 2-10 million worldwide and have, in fact, used chelation to treat neurodegenerative diseases with great documented benefits. So if this idea was correct, why do we not send people from our chelation chairs directly to the nursing home for their Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease? In fact, it is clearly the exact opposite; we provably HELP neurological disease in everyone. Dr. Evers offered money back to Parkinson’s patients using complex protocols we can discuss later, but always EDTA was a part of our treatments and at least 90% of all those treated have some mercury fillings.

This leads then to the front-page story that I mentioned in FORTUNE magazine, Vol. 149, #6, March 22, 2004 (ref. MSG#484), which I am trying to find a way to get to everyone of you. "The Immortal Cell" by DERMER explains why all research based on human cell cultures is TOTALLY MISLEADING and, thus, we have the nonsense now called Cancer Treatment employing things like chemotherapy in the U.S.

I developed oral EDTA in GUM to help deal with the millions of patients who cannot afford to try to remove all of their amalgam fillings, which clearly will bath the intestine and alter flora and lead to leaky gut. If we chew this gum 1-2 times daily after meals we get some buccal absorption of EDTA and we also bath the periodontal tissues in EDTA thus helping them heal. We also tie up some of the mercury that we release when we chew with our silver amalgam filling.

Yes, contrary to what everyone believes, EDTA IS nearly perfect at chelation of mercury BEFORE it is tied to the DNA. After it is in the DNA even IV DMPS will not move it. But I will introduce a new treatment on May 15th in California at the International Conference On Autism at the Westin Long Beach Hotel, Saturday at 2:45, and continued as the luncheon speaker on Sunday, May 16 at 1 PM. For information on the conference, go to

I will show Doctors Data results on urine and fecal testing on autistic children with massive outpouring of metals without using a KNOWN chelation agent. The same children had been extensively chelated parenterally previously at some of our leading clinics. In some cases the parents had been assured there was NO MORE MERCURY in their child. Some parents spend $40,000 and more on getting toxic metals out using parenteral therapies, which are not easy to administer to autistic children.

The cases I will present have ONLY used EDTA, no DMPS and not even DMSA, and have never used parenterally. In fact, bathing in EDTA permits the skin to operate far more efficiently as a major route of excretion. We have always taught everyone that sweating as in a sauna permits effective mercury detoxification through the skin. The efficiency of this process is markedly enhanced when we regularly lower the level of metal in our skin by the simple process of sitting in our bathtub in nice hot water for 15 minutes with 2- 6 Tablespoons of food grade EDTA added to the bathwater.

If we then add oral EDTA and malic acid and garlic as found in several products similar to the Essential Daily Defense formula, we can safely, and yet effectively, see all these metals come out over a prolonged course of therapy often more than 1-2 years. The process is enhanced with RNA based homeopathic therapies that enable the body to mount a response to various infections that we all know autistic children, and probably everyone, carry to a greater or lesser degree. Yes, it appears that a virus can tie up metals including mercury at the DNA level.

The kinetics of detoxification of metals is intimately tied to the infections we have and treatment of those infections can release amazing quantities of toxic metals. We all need to go back to the books and change much of what is being thought today by incorporating the new information I will be presenting at this conference. Actual Doctor’s Data reports on extensively documented cases will show that, no matter the AGE, the autistic child can be made to talk again. So there is much more for us all to digest.

I love IV chelation for adults with decent veins as nothing will replace this for IMMEDIATE and dramatic enhancement of heavy metal excretion but we must adhere to the old admonition, FIRST DO NO HARM. Since I am able to PROVE that, without exception, the complex comprehensive program for autism and other Neurodegenerative diseases including ALS is working, and getting results without the need for parenteral therapies, I hope that we can all help our patients to receive the level of care that is most appropriate for their case. IV chelation is great for everyone but not everyone has great veins and there are economics and time constraints. Everyone can greatly benefit from ORAL chelation, but now we all need to become infectious disease experts, learn about RNA, and learn more about homeopathic induced healing responses. Yes, as part of this healing we will see clinical rash and fever, like measles, is finally being expressed in the patient. This is when we can see the outpouring of heavy metals, the Mercury, or Tin, or Antimony, or Lead start coming out in the urine and/or feces, and not all the same time, almost cyclically, one metal one week and something different the following week.

Garry F. Gordon, MD,DO,MD(H)

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