Natural Vitamin K2 in Nattokinase

April 20th, 2010

(2003) You will start hearing more and more about NATURAL VITAMIN K2. Remember this means LESS fractures for our patients as they age and LESS calcification of their arteries!!

Switch every one of your patients who are worried about osteoporosis from the ridiculous idea of just taking Calcium as in TUMS to something that makes physiological sense, equal parts Calcium and Magnesium, since we do not want to further calcify their arteries.

So put your patients on the “Rolls Royce” of multiples called BEYOND ANY MULTIPLE (BAM). This has higher Vitamin D than ANY other multiple and Lipoic Acid and Tocotrienols and Resveratrol to decrease aging and Cancer according to latest studies at Harvard. You will start to learn why Longevity Plus is willing to pay $10,000 per kilogram so that your patients can have the real benefits of the Japanese diet – STRONG BONES and SOFT uncalcified blood vessels due to NATURAL VITAMIN K2. Start it now as it is in the new IMPROVED packets of 9 pills that are only available from Longevity Plus. Or for patients who are not worried about heart attacks and strokes and only want the best multiple ever designed, that is BAM.

The full dose for adults is 6 tablets daily, which means two packets of BC-I if they want the total blood viscosity lowering program with the Omega 3 and the Phosphatidyl Serine/Gingko or if just the multiple, it is sold in bottles of 180 for a month’s supply at the full therapeutic dose of 3 bid.

Garry F. Gordon MD, DO, MD(H)

Healthy bone supplement as good as the real thing

11/25/03 – A clinical study carried out in the Netherlands has demonstrated identical absorption from an extract of the soyfood natto as in its traditional form.

The trial, by researchers at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, shows that a supplement could offer equal health benefits in a more convenient form.

Natto, a traditional Japanese food fermented from soybeans, is high in vitamin K2 levels and has been linked to significantly higher bone mineral density and fewer osteoporotic fractures.

The supplement used in the study, made by US health ingredients firm Natural, is a new proprietary extract of natto that provides the vitamin K2 as menaquinone MK-7. Natural markets the ingredient under its Natto K2 brand.

The study showed that the vitamin K2 as MK-7 had a long half-life in the circulation, which may result in a relatively constant level in the blood, unlike vitamins K1 and synthetic vitamin K2, which show a typical rise and fall pattern even if taken twice daily.

In Japan, vitamin K2 is used as a therapeutic treatment for osteoporosis and in the Caucasian population it also has shown a significant benefit in the reduction of heart disease, due to its roles in calcium use and promoting matrix Gla-protein activity, a potent inhibitor of vascular calcification.

Natto K2 is available to US dietary supplement manufacturing and marketing partners as an encapsulated product.

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