Hg Detoxification, lipoic acid and DMPS

April 20th, 2010

(±2004) Dear Dr. Gordon,

I read your web page on mercury detoxification, and thought that you or maybe some one of your colleagues might be able to answer a quite specific question on that subject.

It concerns the CONCURRENT use of lipoic acid and DMPS for quantitatively estimating the mercury intoxication of the CNS. Suppose the result of a plain i.v. DMPS provocation test is already known (a marginally raised mercury level), but clinical findings suggest that still mercury depots might be present in the CNS (which are out of reach for DMPS).

What would happen if lipoic acid (crossing the blood-brain barrier) is administered orally together with DMPS? Would, in the urine, the amount of mercury per g Krea higher than in the case of the plain DMPS test, if there are significant mercury depots in the CNS indeed?

Reading various texts about this subject, I got somewhat puzzled. For example, a recommendation when using DMPS alone is to avoid sulphur-containing supplements (such as lipoic acid) around the time of the DMPS shot, because these supplements are supposed to reduce the effectiveness of DMPS.

If this is so indeed, would it be possible to circumvent the problem by administering the lipoic acid much earlier, say, 600 mg lipoic acid several hours to one day before the 250 mg DMPS shot? The idea behind this scheme would be that the lipoic acid administration would mobilize mercury from the CNS into the blood stream, from where it will be later bound and excreted by DMPS. Is that a reasonable idea at all?

Many thanks for any hints on that subject.

The facts on this are NOT at all straightforward and many so called experts have extremely diverse opinions on this entire issue.

Some like DMSA with the ALA (Lipoic acid) and some use this with MY protocol of IV Ca EDTA further enhanced with large doses orally, starting even 3-4 days before hand to begin to mobilize the stores of Hg.

When you do NOT see a lot of HG it does NOT mean it is not there. The complexity of the kinetics of heavy metal detoxification are better known to me with lead, where I can prove that even after your provocation sees little or nothing you have not even begun to remove the huge stores still remaining in the bones. See my IOMA NOV 6 slides on my website, www.gordonresearch.com, and read them carefully to begin to appreciate the true complexity of dealing with brain mercury. I recently answered a similar question on aluminum and I will forward that to you.

I can also tell you we have proof, working with Gary Osborn, Registered Pharmacist of Apothecure in Dallas, Texas and the Texas Institute for Functional Medicine, that when you are sure that there is no more mercury to come out, you have only begun because DMPS and DMSA are both grossly inadequate. Although Ca EDTA is not the first chelator and has been thought useless, it will along with other tricks liberate abundant MERCURY AFTER DMPS or DMSA have entirely stopped working! Also, Dr. Shelton’s protocol is on my website and is now being upgraded (see www.drbruceshelton.com to learn what homeopathics can do to augment HG removal).

Perhaps the question I must ask you, is this a case where we must PROVE mercury toxicity? If all you want to do is get a patient well, our advice is very simple; the SH groups in Cysteine as in GARLIC products will gradually overtime download most Hg from the body. If the brain happens to be the HIGHEST HG level in the body as all other tissues become low in HG, the brain will download by PASSIVE diffusion a great amount of HG. On the other hand, if this is a patient with ALS, MS etc., then we ARE prone to be more aggressive as they seem supersensitive to HG and aggressive additional approaches have merit.

I presented 8 hours at ICIM 6 months ago on Ca EDTA and that same day Gary Osborn explained possible DNA binding of HG, tapes are available at INSTATAPE in Idaho, 1-800-nowtape. Dr Shelton sees gratifying clinical improvements in his patients with the gentle homeopathically augmented approach. Some report good results on provocative testing with ORAL DMSA 500 mg for two days before the provocation and 1000mg the am of provocation along with up to 15 capsules of organic garlic, malic acid, EDTA, dl methionine, etc. complex that I formulated called Essential Daily Defense. There is room for many additional thoughts on this as there is currently no one protocol that I believe has solved this complex issue.

Fecal excretion has turned out to be a missing and vital link, which is why I believe it is poor medical practice to give anyone parenteral chelators, which may always dump some toxic metals INTO the gut, without aggressive but cost effectively protecting the patient from enterohepatic reuptake of the toxic metals you have MOVED around with your provocative testing. I strongly believe that Essential Daily Defense can be PART Of the oral chelation process to help protect against the enterohepatic reuptake and to FACILITATE the potential of fecal excretion which in some patients on SOME days is rather remarkable. We have NOT yet figured out all of the biochemical individuality that is involved here. HOWEVER, with the old axiom, first do NO harm, I can assure you we see very gratifying results in the clinical outcome of all patients with the perhaps kinder gentle approaches that I am advocating.

I will forward you some other emails to provide you more fuel for thought and wish you good success in solving this problem that we are all facing. YES, most biochemists agree to now use the sh groups at the time of administration of the DMPS, but I am NOT aware of any study proving this, and know of many who do use ALA concurrently with other SH chelators.

Garry F. Gordon, MD,DO,MD(H)

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