Detox with Oral Chelation

(2009-12)  Dear FACT members:

I spent a lot of time and energy as co-author of the new book Detox with Oral Chelation. Now that I have this book in every bookstore across the country I hope someday you will purchase a copy; Amazon has it for $12.97. Then try to be familiar with the important research I have incorporated in that book. With ZEOGOLD, which takes oral detoxification to even a higher level of efficacy, I hope that all FACT members will try to become familiar with the proof that you and all your patients are very toxic and there is no way to wish these toxins away.

Go to my website and type in the search area The Chemicals within us from the National Geographic magazine.

Then go to and see what your toxin load is IF you sent $4900 to Mt Sinai School of Medicine with 20 tubes of your blood. Everyone fails these tests and all have at least 60 serious toxins measurable in blood at all times.

We cannot hope to offer enough IV treatments to deal with the high levels of lead in the bones of every newborn, which CAL TECH has documented to be 1000 times higher than in bones of children 400 years ago.

I hope you will learn something from my recent interviews with Benny Hinn the televangelist that tells his audience that although he has helped many with healing by addressing their spiritual needs, he believes that I saved his life. These two shows will be aired on December 14th and 15th, please check the attached schedule for stations and times in your area and country.

They will cause many to become interested in my book DETOX WITH ORAL CHELATION. Please try to review my book, as I feel that practicing the advanced medicine I feel FACT is all about, we all must become environmentally informed physicians. I will probably do more shows with Benny Hinn and I hope many of you will avail yourself of the information about the level of toxins in all of us today.

I know many of you have no interest in new patients but your response in filling out the FACT referral form was incredible. Soon your referral information will be available on my newest website: and it is already found on if you checked NO on the FACT referral form, which means we may post it on my public websites.

Thanks for you interest and I hope you will catch the Benny Hinn interview or see it on YOUTUBE now, as I feel many people around the world will want to be able to consult with someone who is a little bit familiar with the ideas I have expressed in that book. I hope to have every pregnant lady in the world one day on at least some detoxification whether Zeolite based or oral chelation or very high dose oral vitamin C or Fiber but we must stop the movement of toxin from mother to fetus if we are to survive. Thus I will do as many shows as possible to help spread the word and I need your support if this idea is ever to take off and change the health of our nation and the world.


Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

Chemicals in Newborns

C1: Here is the URL to the full report. Confirms what was found in 2005.

This is really an important but delicate topic. We have a serious problem with the hundreds of chemicals found in placentas… We know toxins are delivered to fetuses efficiently. I appreciate the good Dr. Gordon speaking out about such an important issue, in a world where nutritional companies are forced to have a warning on every label of nutrition that its not okay for pregnancy!!!
Mitch Abrahams

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