Chelation Alternatives for Seniors

March 25th, 2010

(2003) For seniors, the answer to saving 95% healthcare costs in three years is to read the NEJM published in Jan 2003. Chelation for people with high normal levels of lead for 30 treatments not only reversed renal insufficiency back to what it had been two years previous to the chelation, it also reduced costs 20x compared to the control group (95% reduction in costs!) The answer for the majority of seniors is to get 30 IV chelations. In Texas, except for a couple insurance groups, the majority are paying for elevated lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium and arsenic, copper and a few others. 95% reduction has to reduce vascular and cancer morbidity to get those kind of numbers. It’s insane to keep spending money on sick care when there are safe, cheap alternatives out there.

Our group, Chelation Centers of Texas is putting up centers all over Texas. We are moving to other states in a few months. If you are interested in being part of a nationwide group but running your own independent center, having industrial contracts directed to your center, and being part of data collecting force, please contact me, Dorothy Merritt, MD Medical Director or Chelation Centers of Texas at 6507 EF Lowrey Expy, #103, Texas City, TX, 77591. We are changing our name soon to Environmental Centers of…but chelation is our primary treatment at this time.

If you want to know why people in your area are so sick, go to the EPA website (put toxic release inventory in your browser) and search the 2001 TRI data. You can click on your zip, your county, or your state and see what was released into the environment-by all chemicals, or carcinogens, or metals or several other classifications.

Dear Doctors:
I love this idea, but since I have the important reference all over my website that proves that after you give the 30 IV chelations, the BENEFITS WILL BE LOST without some form of continuous chelation, I would amend this plan to DEFINITELY advise patients that BONE STORES of lead take 7-20 years to diminish!

Without cleaning that compartment, the benefits from the 30 IV’s will be transient only. But if they do not want to take Beyond Chelation Improved, which at $105-120 average retail per month, let’s look at collecting data on what happens to some with just taking 3 EDD bid and forget about the expensive multiple, let them buy whatever multiple they can afford and go without the EFA, Omega 3 oils, etc.

Another possibility, let’s see what happens with just simple bathtub chelation, (BEYOND CLEAN) using 2- 6 tablespoons of affordable food grade EDTA in the tub daily may help keep the lead levels from re-accumulation in kidney heart liver etc FROM the bone. I have learned that some doctors are advising their patients to take Beyond Clean, 1/4 – 1 tsp of that food grade EDTA in water or juice once daily. This is more affordable than pharmaceutical grade EDTA and the difference is miniscule.

This is providing 750 – 3000 mg of oral edta daily, This is only about 5-18% absorbed but according to the nearly 500 references on ORAL EDTA now on my website, is clearly enhancing daily lead excretion significantly (2-10 fold reported).

Garry F. Gordon, MD,DO,MD(H)

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