Chelating for Mercury in Amalgams

April 14th, 2010

(±2004) Dear Garry:

I enjoy and appreciate your chelation discussion group. What are your thoughts on chelating for mercury when dental amalgams, few or many, are in place? I frequently encounter patients with significant health problems, lots of amalgam. Yet, with either limited money to make removal not feasible financially or with such frail health that I have concern that even under the most careful of removal protocols, there would be too much risk from Hg absorption during that process. Love to hear your opinion and warmest regards.

I believe that in my experience the answer is that simple things like Essential Daily Defense in adequate dosages over time will handle most patients. Of course, you should add Thio-Gel 200mg bid (Lipoic Acid, and Beyond C, 1 tsp tid (my specially designed ascorbic acid with MSM, ribose, riboperine etc.) and enhance the FIBER intake (INUFLORA) and try to decrease intake. These simple steps can do a major job over TIME but when things are in a rush due to severity of the picture, there are other things to consider.

However, there is another useful short-term strategy to tie up most of the body’s mercury and that is using Aggressive Selenium therapy. SELENIUM alone will provably allow even CANCER patients to live for years without your ever have to touch their amalgam, which, however, is nice to remove when money is not an issue, but I NEVER recommend it during a serious illness, as I FIRST must stabilize the patient for that process.

Dr. Gerhart Schrauzer, PHD from University of California in San Diego and past president of the International Association of Bio-Inorganic Chemists (Chelation Chemists), has documented that you may use Se methionine and I believe that really all forms would probably work as well. You can give 1000mcg (or more depending on size and mercury load or even 2000mcg a day) and monitor the patient’s serum or plasma selenium levels with a reliable lab (I use Doctor’s Data) every 14 days or so until the level is in the upper range of NORMAL. That may take from 2 weeks to 2 months as each atom of HG has to become bound to each atom of Se and then the HG is still in the body but largely rendered inactive.

The idea is that free metals create havoc. This is why everyone ought to be on a oral chelation DAILY for life with a safe, affordable product that is not all absorbed; thus, some of which is ALWAYS in the gut is MANDATORY for effective protection. The liver continuously is dumping toxic metals into the gut where it will be reabsorbed UNLESS you have things like organic Garlic, malic acid, Dl methionine, and EDTA continually present to PREVENT its reabsorption.

This way your patients can eat fish as often as they like and still keep most of the HG from being absorbed. Of course, the studies have shown that cadmium makes HG 100 times more toxic and lead makes it 10 times more toxic. Thus, the continual slow removal of those metals that the references on my website clearly prove occur with JUST the EDTA, to say nothing of the organic garlic effect, means that you again are reducing the toxic effect of the mercury even more with this added to their diet on a continual basis for life.

There is some confusion on the part of many who feel that you need to cross the blood brain barrier to GET AT MERCURY. This is NONSENSE! If the extracellular fluid compartments and serum and plasma are LOW in HG, passive diffusion causes it to continually download from brain, etc INTO the lower concentrated areas. Thus, all bases are covered by this relatively simply program, and the side effects of overdosing of Selenium include a metallic taste in the mouth, nausea, gastric irritation and paresthesias.

For most, just putting the body into NEGATIVE balance with at least 10-15 EDD a day means that nearly everyone is putting OUT more heavy metal toxins each day than they are taking on AND that also the adverse effects of the heavy metals are largely attenuated nearly from the beginning by TIEING up the metals so they are NOT free. The more aggressive therapies like DMPS and DMSA and or penicillamine, which for treatment I prefer are given ORALLY at low and infrequent dosages, can clearly assist this process. Of course, HOMEOPATHIC DETOX as provided by HEEL and others are now PROVEN by Dr. Shelton to assist this process. (See

The IV push with CALCIUM EDTA given with my Essential Daily Defense and, for example, 500mg of DMSA for 2 days before the push and 1000mg ORALLY the day of the push have shown TREMENDOUS outpouring of mercury. For some reason, the longer patients are on the EDD orally, and even better if they get some IV pushes of Ca EDTA, somehow this cleansing helps release the HG so that patients who had very little results with even provocative DMPS after 4-6 months of working with my program now can see tremendous mercury coming out!

The kinetics of this detoxification process for heavy metals is clearly not yet well enough understood and we all have lots more to learn. I have not been impressed like that with any cilantro or similar products, but somehow the synergy in EDD is really protecting against most heavy metal toxicities very effectively. I doubt that in most cases, even giving 30 IV drips of DMPS is really substantially improving the outcome in patients over this totally safe, non-toxic, affordable approach that I am advocating.

Those who want to see MORE mercury coming out faster need to consider benefit to risk ratio! Does anyone realize that wrist drop from Chronic lead poisoning responds by the first few chelation therapies and we now know that we have not eliminated even 5% of total body lead by that time so there is NO PROOF that health requires all of the toxic metals to be removed. I believe that over time my more conservative approach of MANAGING the adverse actions of the toxic metals will be shown to be preferable.

Garry F. Gordon, MD,DO,MD(H)

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