Chelating Arsenic and Other Metal Toxicities

March 25th, 2010

(±2004) What is the easiest method to chelate arsenic? I have a patient who was a heavy shellfish eater. 24 Hr. urine postprovocation arsenic level was 244 micrograms/ml. Also, what about high titanium levels from sunblock and cosmetics, where stopping the use of the products is not an option. Lastly, is there a specific method to detox gadolinium, for those who must undergo regular MRI’s with contrast.

Dear Doctor:
I like THIOL GROUPS for Arsenic, which includes DMSA, DMPS and GARLIC as in Essential Daily Defense. Perhaps depending on body weight 3 of the DMSA contained in Heavy Detox each night for 1 month, then 2 each night for 1 month then 1 nightly for up to 3 months. Use while also taking nearly 10-12 total EDD daily (6 should be in their two packets a day of BC-I). No one with any concerns regarding metal toxicity is adequately treated without first focusing on REPLETION of essential nutrients including ALL MINERALS such as Cesium and Rubidium. Beyond Any Multiple (BAM) that comprise 3 of the 9 pills in each packet of BCI contains 70 trace minerals so if they are getting two packets of BC-I just have them get a bottle of 300 EDD to take 3 extra oral chelation with each meal.

I have not looked into Titanium chelation but always remember that all metal toxicities are SYNERGISTIC. If you take the above program to lower the body burden of all the metals the above program would handle and add the HEEL Detox kit to open excretion pathways, the body can handle surprisingly high levels of some toxic metals as long as the other metals are not there to catalyze the toxic reactions.

I, of course, preach to all who will listen, use the BEYOND CLEAN, which means bathe in EDTA, at least 4 tablespoons daily to clean the skin of toxic metals, which will significantly increase the skins tolerance to UV radiation. This is a Proctor and Gamble patent on another topical chelator, which they never got around to getting approved. But if you read their patents you would not go a day without using the closest thing to their patent, EDTA, and expect the same nice benefits they found – less wrinkling, less photo aging, less skin cancers and all the research animals average lifespan increased by 20%.

If you want to become expert at Clinical Metal Toxicology, the ABCMT meets every 6 months with the ENVIRONMENTAL AND ICIM combined new group, AAEIM, and has planned 200 hours of training to cover these subjects of how to treat and diagnose all heavy metal related problems

Garry F. Gordon, MD,DO,MD(H)

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