Calcium vs. Disodium EDTA

March 25th, 2010

(±2004) 1. Dr. Gordon, can I receive Calcium EDTA, if I still have mercury fillings? Do I need to take any special binding detoxifying products, or do I need to do any kind of detoxification, such as colonic or sweating to help my body to get rid of heavy metals? I just want to make sure, that I will not have secondary toxification of my body. I read that Disodium EDTA binds the best with calcium. Now, I understand, that calcium is added to EDTA. What is the reason? I am just concerned about defeating the purpose.

2. Why does Calcium EDTA pull mercury and Disodium EDTA does not? What is the major bio-chemical compounding difference between these two: Disodium EDTA and Calcium EDTA?

3. I know that mineral replacement therapy has to be done after Disodium EDTA. Do I need to do mineral replacement therapy after Calcium EDTA?

1. Yes we use it even with amalgam with great reasons; it is NOT safe to simply pull out all our fillings. We get tons of mercury in the air anyway when we burn coal to produce electricity so there is NO safe place on earth to run; we are all heavy metal toxic like 1000 times too much lead in everyone’s bones today. So let’s detox DAILY with Essential Daily Defense and that way we do not have to be afraid to eat fish or take a bath in municipal water supplies etc.

2. Yes, the coordination constants for Ca and sodium EDTA for Mercury are different but more importantly we get far higher concentration on the IV push since it is painless. Also we have found we were NOT getting rid of the critical CALCIUM on the coronary arteries with the slow, expensive and not comfortable use of IV Sodium EDTA. But we DID find that lowering the body’s levels of toxic metals HELPS everyone with every health problem. So if the primary benefit is detoxification lets do it conveniently and affordably like ORAL everyday and occasional IV push to get even more toxic metal out faster. But if the reason the calcium accumulates on everyone’s arteries as we age is partly due to heavy metal toxins impairing endothelial and enzymatic activity then lets concentrate on cleaning the body which happens to be easier by far using CALCIUM EDTA!!

We get rid of HG (mercury) with the cysteine as is found in the organic garlic in the EDD and the dl methionine also assists this process. And if you have oral calcium EDTA in the gut at all times (as found in the clinically proven EDD formula now used for over 178 years by the leading alternative clinics in the world) then this EDD is able to prevent absorption of mercury from the food we eat as it HOLDS the HG so it is NOT absorbed.

3. The good news is to date no one has ever become mineral depleted on the Beyond Chelation formula from Longevity Plus as I have spent over 30 years in trace mineral research and the Multiple Vitamin mineral in that formula is that good. There are big differences in the bioavailability of minerals in different formulas. The MULTIPLE and the Chelating capsule, EDD, are prepackaged in convenient to carry cellophane packets so that you always get all the good minerals replaced when you take the chelation capsules in Beyond Chelation and in Beyond Vitamins (this is the scaled down version of Beyond Chelation that omits the Essential Fatty Acids and the Ginkgo with Phosphatidyl Serine.

All this I have taught in great detail to the leaders in chelation around the world and there are MANY tapes available (for example, call 1-800-now-tape which has over 10 hours of my training and teaching on all the details regarding the new chelation). And try and read some of the over 500 references just on oral chelation found on my website-

Garry F. Gordon, MD,DO,MD(H)

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