Autism and Chelation

March 25th, 2010

(±2004) Your great and thoughtful letter comes at an opportune time for some in depth analysis of what is really going on with autism in this country. We have had massive confusion about how to safely detoxify the mercury that everyone agrees is a PART of the autism story. I teach that there are ALSO infections like SV- 40 HHV-6 etc. and that these infections aggravate a pre-existing genetic tendency to hypercoagulability that we have found in most of these children by using the $1500 panel of tests offered by labs such as and www.thrombocare.

Furthermore there is much confusion about using EDTA to remove mercury; some thought that it did not work. We now have proven that just the Cysteine in the organic garlic product that I formulated will take care of the mercury in the brain of anyone over time. It is helped by the DL methionine, but the EDTA gets many of the other toxic metals since everyone today on planet earth AVERAGES 1000 times more lead in our bones than we had prior to the industrial age.

In addition, some were told that EDTA can not be used if you have any mercury toxicity, but that message from a well meaning Boyd Haley made some afraid to use the safest and most effective detoxification therapy that exists. Namely, the widely touted EDTA toxicity issue with mercury applies only to CELL CULTURES, and has nothing whatsoever to do with LIVING human patients who safely can use EDTA in any form everyday of their lives.

That nonsense is finally being overcome and we now have people beginning to wake up and realize that garlic, malic acid, EDTA etc., as found for over 17 years now in my EDD formula, is truly the safest and most cost effective heavy metal detoxification product available anywhere. We even open the capsule and use the powder contents at a dose of 1-2 a day for 30# babies.

I have a lot of experience in successfully treating some of the toughest cases of autism where NOTHING in the entire alternative field had previously seemed to work, and thus I bring a different perspective to this topic.

I feel that I am well qualified as an expert on heavy metals and chelation to make the point that all mercury in any child’s brain will gradually and safely be removed with nothing more than my EDD (Essential Daily Defense) Formula given orally over a long enough time frame. However, I am as anxious as anyone to safely expedite the process and thus I do train doctors to do other things including an IV push with EDTA and to recommend aggressive homeopathics to amplify these chelation effects.

However, it is NOT just mercury and other heavy metals that we must deal with; we MUST recognize other aspects from infection/inflammation to glutamate receptor issues as well as induced and/or genetically linked HYPERCOAGULABILITY. If you do not understand the infection aspect check out where Dr. Martin regards things like VS.-40 and hypercoagulability is at and

In any event we all are learning that using stronger chelators like DMPS or DMSA do offer insights and information, thus provocative testing is warranted.

Below is the response that I got when I mentioned your question about Fulvic acid. I understand that in the last few days several websites promoting fulvic acid products like metal free have been closed down due to the chlorine safety issue.

Dear Garry,
I do not know much about fulvic acid. I have read some cautionary notes about it, which I will include in a PS below.

I would definitely advise against the DMSA/ALA protocol. I have kids who got appreciably WORSE after that protocol. In addition, DMSA is known to trigger higher levels of NFKB, which increases the inflammatory cascade. These kids already have a problem with excess inflammation so that is the last thing that they need. The comment about these kids having a defective MT promoter for detoxification of heavy metals is based on Bill Walsh’s work from the Pfeiffer Institute. There are serious gaps, assumptions and misconceptions in his work. I do agree that these kids have trouble detoxifying heavy metals, but there is NO data that I have seen to prove a defective MT promoter.

Alpha Lipoic acid is great regardless if it is used for detox or not. This woman would be better off using your product for detoxification, along with a variety of supplements to support the organ systems. Depending on the child I use anywhere from 5 to 50 additional supplements. Each kid is different and the severity is different. If you want, we can talk about it, in general, or specifically with respect to this woman. Amy Holmes used DMSA for a year and a half to detoxify her son, and she is the first to admit that he is like an extremely ADHD kid even if the metals are gone. This indicates to me that all is not well with the body.

I have not had any negative effects using your product for detoxification. A few of my patients also go to the Pfeiffer Institute and doctors there were amazed at the progress these kids had made since their last appointments.

So….. in summary, I don’t have a personal vested interest in the product, so I can be unbiased, and I would recommend that she stay away from DMSA and use your product for heavy metal detox. In terms of dosage, it would depend on age/weight of the child. Perhaps just 1 a day to start, work up to 2/day. If she uses additional garlic she can provoke faster.

Garry, I hope this helps,

PS. Chlorine reacts negatively when mixed with humic substances especially fulvic acid, causing the production of deadly carcinogenic THMs and MX. The water treatment industry has known about this for many years, and because of this they try to remove humic substances from culinary water before treating it with chlorine. This situation is very well documented. Chlorine is the deadly culprit, not the humic substances.

Many companies selling fulvic and humic-based products do not know about this problem, and may be extracting their health supplements using chlorinated water. This presents a dangerous situation to public health. Furthermore, it is important that health supplements NOT be mixed or taken with culinary water that could be chlorinated, or with juices reconstituted with chlorinated water.

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